Will you work with my diamond/gemstone(s)?

Yes! We love creating beautiful new pieces using the precious gems you may have inherited or already have. We can also re-purpose some precious metals to make new pieces as well, saving you money and using the past to create a sparkling future.

What is the best way to clean my jewelry?

Fortunately most jewelry is relatively easy to care for. By nature, it’s made of stones and metal.

Precious metals like gold, platinum, palladium, and some of the newer silver alloys don't tarnish and are generally tempered to be resistant to scratches and abrasion. Resistant doesn't mean that your fine jewelry won't get some scratches of course, so a little polishing once in a while helps quite a bit to keep your jewelry looking bright, shiny and sparkly. Amazon has lots of jewelry polishing cloths. 

Dirt and personal care products can also dull your jewelry quickly. At home we recommend a drop of dish soap (formulated to cut grease) and a soft, retired toothbrush (the nylon bristles will not scratch). A quick, routine scrub will keep your diamonds and any other faceted gems looking bright and colorful.

Pearls should be gently washed with lukewarm water and a drop of mild soap every few wearings—the natural oils from your skin can damage them over time.

Feel free to call us with any related questions about how best to clean your jewelry – we've seen everything over the years.

Custom Designed Jewelry: Is it expensive?

'Expensive' is a relative term, of course, but you might be very surprised at how rewarding such an individualized, personal experience can be. A custom made item is quite labor intensive, both in design and creation, but it’s a labor of love. The result is a high quality, finely crafted design made just for you – a composite of your desires and your ideas, along with our advice, design abilities and technical execution.

At Uniquely Yours, we specialize in creating custom handcrafted jewelry for one special client at a time. Yes, it costs more to have a uniquely designed piece of jewelry, but the process itself, as well as the end result, becomes something you will treasure deeply. Nothing can match the satisfaction of co-creating a personally meaningful piece of jewelry that you or a loved one will cherish for years to come. That being said, we also pride ourselves on being sensitive to budgets. Let us know what yours is, and we can then make the appropriate suggestions to keep you within your budget.

There is nothing like the experience of having your engagement, wedding, or commitment rings personalized and uniquely designed just for you… or any other piece of jewelry that is meaningful and marks a special event or feeling that you want to capture and appreciate for many years to come.