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Gregory Brassil

Wow--we were voted City Pages Best of 2016 "Best Place to Buy Jewelry!" We want you to be completely thrilled with everything we do for you, from your experience on our website to the customer service we provide, and most importantly, we want you to love your jewelry! We stand behind everything we create at Uniquely Yours, and will work closely with you from our very first conversation to the finished piece to ensure that our work brings joy to your life. Your custom project isn’t done until you’re thrilled with it!  We love the opportunity to put “sparkle” in your life!

Here's 8 Great Reasons Why You Will Love Doing Business With Us:

1. You Get What YOU Want.

Since we personally design and execute each unique piece, we can offer you more creative designs, more unique personalization, and more personal input in every part of the design process. In other words – the exact piece of jewelry you want. We promise.

2. No Problem “Surprises."

We love what we do, and it shows. We work closely with our clients throughout our process to ensure that the final product will be exactly what you want.

Our work together includes an initial consultation about your wants, sketches of proposed design ideas, and a model of your unique design. Your approval is a part of every step. We constantly strive to put the “custom” back in customer.

3. Personal Attention: Client Service That Really Means Something.

Our top priority is always providing superior customer service. Friendly, honest, and professional at every step. Our business cannot thrive without very happy customers--READ OUR REVIEWS!

4. No Unforeseen Or “Extra” Charges.

We strive to make our initial estimates to be within 10% of the final cost of your project. We're very good at making sure you know the price range for what you're looking for up front.

5. Platinum Experts.

Unlike other jewelers who simply carry platinum jewelry along with everything else, custom designed platinum jewelry is a specialty, and we have the expert artisans and the technology to create masterful platinum jewelry alongside everything else we do. Of course, we also also work in 14K and 18K gold, and 22 Karat gold as well as the latest alloys that allow us to create for a greater variety of looks and price points.

6. Upbeat And Cheerful.

Should something as exciting and beautiful as jewelry be a stressful or intimidating experience? Of course not.  

7. Experience Counts!

With over 50 years of combined jewelry making experience we can create (and repair) just about anything, even when other jewelers and shops have told you, "no." Contact us!

8. The Golden Rule Still Rules.

Not only does the reputation and future of our business depend on you being completely thrilled with your experience working with us, we genuinely want you to feel good creating and restoring wearable art with us.

Your custom project isn't done until you're thrilled with it! We stand behind everything we do.

Wishing You Lots Of Sparkle In Your Life!

stay sunny,

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Gregory Brassil

Jewelry Designer, Platinum Smith, Master Jeweler – Uniquely Yours Custom Designed Jewelry

P.S. One cautionary note – custom jewelry design is time-intensive work. Our promised work schedule sometimes fills up several weeks ahead of time, and our time becomes extremely limited. We want to meet your needs, so reach out to us soon! There’s a special feeling that comes with owning a personal, unique, custom designed piece of jewelry. You will love what we do for you!